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21/04/18Saturday Afternoon Cruise and Dinner - Henley Brook Estate
11/04/18After Work Get Together - Wood Fired Pizza Run
01/04/18Monthly Cruise - April Fools' Treasure Hunt
30/03/18M-Eggs–Five Good Friday Eggstravaganza
25/03/18Rd 1 Midvale Speed Dome
22/03/18Monthly Meeting
21/03/18After Work Get Together - Nedlands Croquet Club
10/03/18Saturday Night Cruise - Burger Run - RESCHEDULED
04/03/18Monthly Cruise - Motor Museum of WA
25/02/18Induction - Jack’s Hillclimb
22/02/18Monthly Meeting
21/02/18Twilight picnic at The Coombe Reserve
18/02/18Induction - Barbagallo Night Autotest
17/02/18Annual Dinner & Trophy Presentation @ The Saint
10/02/18Saturday Afternoon Cruise & Dinner Mandoon Estate - CANCELLED
04/02/18Monthly Cruise - Mandurah to Ravenswood
25/01/18Monthly Meeting
24/01/18Midweek Lunchtime Cruise - The Abbey at Chesters
14/01/18Dawn BreakFast Raid - Lake Leschenaultia
07/01/18Monthly Cruise - Bob's Collectors Cruise - Tunnel of trees
17/12/17Motorsport R11 - Barbagallo Night Autotest
13/12/17Midweek Lunchtime Cruise – Noble Falls Tavern
03/12/17Monthly Cruise - Santa's Sleigh Ride
26/11/17Motorsport R10 - Jacks Hillclimb
23/11/17Committee meeting
17/11/17MX-5 Alive Weekend Away – Great Southern
05/11/17Monthly Cruise - Elmar’s in the Valley
29/10/17Barbagallo Night Sprint
26/10/17Monthly Meeting
22/10/17Dawn BreakFast Raid – Toodyay
15/10/17Motorsport R9 - Midvale Speed Dome
14/10/17Saturday Night Burger Run
08/10/17York Avon Valley Classic Rally
01/10/17Country Cruise – Greenbushes
28/09/17Monthly Meeting
23/09/17Saturday Afternoon Cruise & Dinner – The Hen
17/09/17Motorsport R8 - Barbagallo Night Autotest
12/09/17After Work Get Together - Hotdog Run
03/09/17Monthly Cruise - Fathers Day Cruise to York
27/08/17Motorsport R7 - Motorplex Sprint
24/08/17Monthly Meeting and AGM
22/08/17After Work Get Together - Sushi Run
13/08/17Shannons Classics on the Park - CANCELLED
06/08/17Motorsport R6 - Barbagallo Night Autotest
06/08/17Monthly Cruise - Observation Rally
27/07/17Monthly Meeting
20/07/17Midweek Lunchtime Cruise – Duckstein Brewery
02/07/17Monthly Cruise – Paddy’s Bush Bar
25/06/17Motorsport R5 - Jacks Hillclimb
22/06/17Monthly Meeting
13/06/17After Work Get Together - Maintenance Night at Bayswater Mazda
04/06/17Monthly Cruise – Dwellingup
28/05/17Motorsport R4 - Barbagallo Night Autotest
27/05/17Saturday Cruise – Waroona
25/05/17Monthly Meeting
21/05/17Dawn BreakFast Raid – Gingin (British Car Day)
14/05/17Motorsport R3 - Barbagallo Night Sprint
07/05/17Monthly Cruise - Moondyne Festival
27/04/17Monthly Meeting
14/04/17M-Eggs-5 Good Friday Eggstravaganza - Matilda Bay
08/04/17Saturday Cruise - 3 Dams and a Weir
02/04/17Country Cruise - Cunderdin
28/03/17Monthly Meeting
26/03/17Motorsport R2 - Barbagallo Night Autotest
22/03/17Midweek Lunchtime Cruise – Chidlow Tavern
11/03/17Saturday Afternoon Cruise & Dinner Mandoon Estate
05/03/17Monthly Cruise – New Norcia Crusade
28/02/17Monthly Meeting
26/02/17Motorsport R1 - Midvale Speed Dome
21/02/17After Work Get Together – Croquet
12/02/17Motorsport Championship Series 8
11/02/17Annual Dinner & Trophy Night at The Saint
08/02/17MX-5 RF Reveal at Bayswater Mazda
05/02/17Monthly Cruise - Williamson Wanderings II
31/01/17Monthly Meeting
29/01/17Dawn BreakFast Raid – Hainault Vineyard and Café
21/01/17Saturday Night Cruise - Sea to Scarp 5
08/01/17Monthly Cruise - Bob's Collectors Cruise
20/12/16After Work Get Together - Xmas Lights Cruise
18/12/16Barb's Night Autotest
04/12/16Monthly Cruise – Santa’s Sleigh Ride
29/11/16Monthly Meeting
27/11/16Barbagallo Autotest - New Date
24/11/16Midweek Lunchtime Cruise - Back (Door) to Stringybark
20/11/16Barb's Night Autotest - Postponed
13/11/16Dawn BreakFast Raid York
06/11/16Monthly Cruise – Northam
30/10/16Barbagallo Track Time Attack Fun
25/10/16Monthly Meeting
23/10/16Dawn BreakFast Raid - Lake Leschenaultia
09/10/16RAC Autotest - Cancelled
02/10/16Country Cruise - Five Valley Dash IV
27/09/16Monthly Meeting - CANCELLED
18/09/16RAC Sprint
17/09/16Saturday Night Cruise - “Sea to Scarp 4”
04/09/16RAC AFTERNOON Autotest
04/09/16Monthly Cruise – Fathers Day
30/08/16Club Meeting and AGM
20/08/16Saturday Night Cruise - Burger Run
14/08/16RAC Fun Sprint
14/08/16Shannons Classics on the Park
07/08/16Monthly Cruise - Observation Rally
28/07/16Midweek Lunchtime Cruise
24/07/16Motorplex Sprint
20/07/16After Work Get Together - Car Detailing Clinic
09/07/16Christmas in July & Overnight Stay in York
08/07/16CMC Quiz Night
03/07/16Monthly Cruise – York Motor Show
19/06/16RAC Night Autotest
18/06/16Workshop Visit - WA Suspensions
14/06/16After Work Get Together – Dyno Night - CANCELLED
05/06/16Monthly Cruise - Julimar Jaunt
26/05/16Midweek Lunchtime Cruise - Fodder & Plonk
22/05/16Motorplex Sprint
15/05/16Dawn BreakFast Raid - Gingin British Car Day
10/05/16After Work Get Together – Freo Hotdog Run
08/05/16RAC Autotest
01/05/16Monthly Cruise - Mind MAYhem
23/04/16Saturday Night Cruise - Sea to Scarp 3
17/04/16RAC Sprint
17/04/16Whiteman Park Classic Car Show
03/04/16Monthly Cruise – Northam Flying Fifty
29/03/16Monthly Meeting
25/03/16M-Eggs-Five Good Friday Eggstravaganza
20/03/16RAC Autotest
17/03/16Midweek Lunchtime Cruise – St Patricks Day
15/03/16After Work Get Together – Croquet
08/03/16Monthly Meeting
06/03/16Monthly Cruise - 3 Dams and a Weir
28/02/16RAC Fun Sprint
16/02/16After Work Get Together - Missy Moos Burger Run
07/02/16Monthly Cruise – Parkerville
30/01/16Saturday Night Cruise - Burger Run
19/01/16Monthly Meeting
17/01/16Dawn BreakFast Raid – Dwellingup
03/01/16Monthly Cruise - Bob's Collectors Cruise
15/12/15After Work Get Together – Xmas Twilight Picnic
13/12/15Barbagallo Raceway Fun Sprint ****CANCELLED****
06/12/15Monthly Cruise - Santa's Sleigh Ride to Araluen
03/12/15Midweek Lunchtime Cruise - “From C to C and See the Sea”
29/11/15RAC Sprint Rd 8
24/11/15Monthly Meeting
22/11/15Wazza’s Motorsport Driver Training
17/11/15After Work Get Together – Sushi Run to Freo
08/11/15Monthly Cruise – 25th Club Anniversary Cruise
07/11/15MX-5 Club of WA 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
01/11/15Dawn BreakFast Raid–Toodyay Car & Motor Cycle Show
31/10/15RAC Fun Sprint
27/10/15Monthly Meeting
24/10/15RAC Fun Sprint - CANCELLED
18/10/15Barbagallo Autotest Rd 7
18/10/15Shannons Take your Tops Off Convertible Car Show
04/10/15Monthly Cruise – Jarrahdale Log Chop
29/09/15Monthly Meeting
18/09/15MX-5 Alive Geographe Rally - Weekend Away
13/09/15Motorplex Sprint Rd 6
06/09/15Monthly Cruise – Movember in September
25/08/15 AGM & Monthly Meeting
22/08/15Saturday Night Cruise - Burger Run
20/08/15Midweek Lunchtime Cruise - Parkers to the Core
16/08/15Shannons Classics on the Park
08/08/15Barbagallo Autotest Rd 5
02/08/15Monthly Cruise - Observation Rally
28/07/15Monthly Meeting
14/07/15After Work Get Together – Westfield RMC
05/07/15Country Cruise - Five Valley Dash Reprise
30/06/15Monthly Meeting
16/06/15After Work Get Together - Dyno Night - CANCELLED
15/06/15Monthly Meeting
14/06/15Barbagallo Autotest Rd 4
14/06/15After Work Get Together – Dyno Night
07/06/15Monthly Cruise - Northern Exposure
26/05/15Monthly Meeting
17/05/15Navigation Rally - CANCELLED
12/05/15After Work Get Together – Croquet
10/05/15Motorplex Sprint Rd 3
03/05/15Whiteman Park Classic Car Show
28/04/15Monthly Meeting
18/04/15Barbagallo Autotest Rd 2
15/04/15Presidents 4P Midweek Lunchtime Cruise
05/04/15Monthly Cruise – Murray Auto Xtravaganza
03/04/15M-Eggs-Five Good Friday Eggstravaganza
31/03/15Monthly Meeting
15/03/15RAC Sprint Rd 1
10/03/15Twilight Picnic at Chidley Beach
01/03/15Monthly Cruise – Lipstick Run
24/02/15Monthly Meeting -CANCELLED
21/02/15Night Cruise – “Sea to Scarp - 2”
07/02/15Annual Dinner & Trophy Night @ Oxford Hotel
01/02/15Monthly Cruise – Valley View Drive
27/01/15Monthly Meeting
18/01/15Dawn BreakFast Raid – Darling Range
04/01/15Monthly Cruise - Bob's Do the Locomotion Cruise
16/12/14After Work Get Together - Xmas Lights Cruise
07/12/14Monthly Cruise – Put, Put, Putting Along
06/12/14RAC Sprint Rd 14
30/11/14RAC Fun sprint - Cancelled
25/11/14Monthly Meeting
23/11/14Dawn BreakFast Raid - Toodyay
16/11/14RAC Double Autotest Rd 13
11/11/14After Work Get Together - Drive-In Movies
09/11/14Driving Clinic Practice Session
08/11/14Driving Clinic Theory Session
02/11/14Country Cruise – Baz’s Resources Ramble
28/10/14Monthly Meeting
19/10/14Barbagallo Night Sprint Rd 12
14/10/14After Work Get Together - Fish ‘n’ Chips Run
12/10/14RAC Single Autotest Rd 11
05/10/14Monthly Cruise - Scarping
30/09/14Monthly Meeting
20/09/14Night Cruise – Burger Run
14/09/14Speed Dome Autotest Rd 10
07/09/14Monthly Cruise - Spencers Brook
31/08/14Motorplex Sprint Rd 9
26/08/14Monthly Meeting & AGM
23/08/14Barbagallo Autotest Rd 8
17/08/14Shannons Classics on the Park
16/08/14Motorsport Driving Clinic
12/08/14After Work Get Together – Car Maintenance Night
03/08/14Monthly Cruise - Observation Rally
29/07/14Monthly Meeting
15/07/14After Work Get Together - Last Drop Brewery
06/07/14Monthly Cruise - Bring a Plate and a Date
24/06/14Monthly Meeting
15/06/14RAC Single Autotest Rd 7
10/06/14After Work Get Together – Croquet
01/06/14Monthly Cruise - Williamson Wanderings
27/05/14Monthly Meeting
25/05/14Motorplex Sprint Rd 6
18/05/14Dawn BreakFast Raid - Gingin British Car Day
11/05/14Speed Dome Autotest Rd 5
04/05/14Monthly Cruise - Moondyne Festival
03/05/14Barbagallo Autotest Rd 4
29/04/14Monthly Meeting
27/04/14Whiteman Park Classic Car Show
18/04/14M-Eggs-Five Good Friday Eggstravaganza
13/04/14RAC Double Autotest Rd 3
06/04/14Monthly Cruise - April Autumn Adventure
29/03/14Barbagallo Autotest - Test Run
25/03/14Monthly Meeting
11/03/14After Work Get Together – Twilight BBQ @ Heathcote
09/03/14Barbagallo Night Sprint Rd 2
02/03/14Monthly Cruise – Dardanup
25/02/14Monthly Meeting
23/02/14RAC Sprint Rd 1
16/02/14RAC Fun Sprint
15/02/14Night Cruise - Sea to Scarp
08/02/14Annual Dinner & Trophy Night @ Rosehill Country Club
02/02/14Monthly Cruise – Elmar’s
28/01/14Monthly Meeting
14/01/14City Beach Sundowner
05/01/14Bob's Collectors Cruise - Two Shed Run
15/12/13RAC Double Autotest -- Season Final + Christmas Breakup
10/12/13Xmas Twilight Picnic @ Iluka
01/12/13Santa’s Sleigh Ride Cruise
26/11/13Monthly Meeting
24/11/13Dawn BreakFast Raid – Bindoon
10/11/13RAC single autotest
03/11/13Monthly Cruise - Araluen
31/10/13Monthly Meeting
15/10/13After Work – Freo Hotdog Run
13/10/13Barbagallo Sprint (night)
06/10/13Journey with Jenn Cruise
29/09/13Sprint rescheduled
26/09/13Monthly Meeting
19/09/13Road Trip 2013
15/09/13Speed Dome Autotest
11/09/13Car Maintenance Night
01/09/13Monthly Cruise - Fathers Day
22/08/13Monthly Meeting
18/08/13RAC double autotest
14/08/13After Work – Burger Run
04/08/13Monthly Cruise - Ob Rally
31/07/13Monthly Meeting & AGM
19/07/13CMC Quiz Night
17/07/13After Work - Detailing Clinic
14/07/13Motorplex Sprint
07/07/13Monthly Cruise - Gidgegannup
07/07/13Country Cruise “The MX-500”
26/06/13Monthly Meeting
12/06/13After Work - Fish 'n' Chips
09/06/13Speed Dome autotest
03/06/13RAC fun Sprint
02/06/13Monthly Cruise – York
29/05/13Monthly Meeting
19/05/13Motorplex Sprint
15/05/13After work – Wheels World
05/05/13Monthly Cruise - Mind MAYhem
28/04/13Whiteman Park Car Show
24/04/13Monthly Meeting
17/04/13After Work – Croquet
14/04/13RAC double autotest
07/04/13Monthly Cruise - Northam Flying 50
29/03/13M-Eggs-Five Good Friday
27/03/13Monthly Meeting
17/03/13RAC single autotest
13/03/13After Work – Sculptures
09/03/13Barbagallo Track Evening
03/03/13New Norcia Crusade
27/02/13Monthly Meeting
17/02/13Dawn BreakFast Raid - Dwellingup
03/02/13Monthly Cruise – A Trip to the Beach
30/01/13Monthly Meeting
16/01/13After Work Get Together - City Beach Sundowner
06/01/13Monthly Cruise - Bob’s Brockwell Bash
16/12/12Standalone Autotest Cash Prize Event
12/12/12After Work Get Together - Dero's Deviant December Deliverance
02/12/12Monthly Cruise Santa's Sleigh Ride to The Mountie
28/11/12Monthly Meeting
25/11/12Dawn BreakFast Raid York / Avondale Discovery Farm
18/11/12Standalone Autotest Cash Prize Event
14/11/12After Work Slot Car Racing
04/11/12Monthly Cruise Archery
31/10/12Monthly Meeting
17/10/12After Work Picnic at Chidley Point
07/10/12Monthly Cruise - Jarrahdale Log Chop
01/10/12Sprint Day
26/09/12Monthly Meeting
22/09/12Annual Dinner @ the Wembley Golf Course
19/09/12Monthly Meeting - Note Date Change
16/09/12Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 7 (Final)
12/09/12After Work Get Together – Hotdog Run
02/09/12Monthly Cruise Observation Rally
29/08/12Monthly Meeting and AGM
24/08/12Wildflower Weekend Away - Three Springs
19/08/12Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 6
15/08/12After Work Get Together Dave’s Burger Run
05/08/12Monthly Cruise West Australian Racing Museum
25/07/12Monthly Meeting
11/07/12After Work Get Together Car Detailing Clinic
08/07/12Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 5
01/07/12Monthly Cruise Padre's Julimar Jaunt
27/06/12Monthly Meeting
17/06/12Country Cruise Five Valley Dash Revisited
16/06/12Autotest Rescheduled
13/06/12After Work Get Together Judgement Day
04/06/12Sprint Day
03/06/12Monthly Cruise Lipstick Run
30/05/12Monthly Meeting
20/05/12Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 4
16/05/12New Members Night
06/05/12Monthly Cruise Master Mariners Cruise
02/05/12Monthly Meeting
25/04/12Funkhana and Sprint fun day
22/04/12Whiteman Park Classic Car Show
21/04/12Accident Avoidance Driving Training
20/04/12Accident Avoidance Training School
06/04/12Good Friday Eggstravaganza @ Matilda Bay
01/04/12Monthly Cruise Ape Thrill Charity Poker Run
28/03/12Monthly Meeting
21/03/12After Work Get Together - Visit to BazGaz Racing HQ
18/03/12Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 3
05/03/12Sprint Day
04/03/12Monthly Cruise Williams Campdraft
29/02/12Monthly Meeting
19/02/12Dawn BreakFast Raid Toodyay
15/02/12Drive-in Movie Night
05/02/12Monthly Cruise Put Put Putting Away
25/01/12Monthly Meeting
18/01/12Twilight BBQ Point Walter
08/01/12Monthly Cruise The Just Plane Interesting
18/12/11Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 2
14/12/11Christmas Lights Cruise
04/12/11Monthly Cruise Santa’s Sleigh Ride
30/11/11Monthly Meeting
27/11/11Autotest Championship - Series 3, Round 1
16/11/11After Work Get Together Fish ‘n’ Chips Run
06/11/11Monthly Cruise Jane Brook Estate
28/10/11Sprint Championship - Series 3, Round 1
26/10/11Monthly Meeting
21/10/11Competition Driving School
12/10/11After Work Get Together Dave’s Burger Run
02/10/11Monthly Cruise Waroona
28/09/11Monthly Meeting
24/09/11Annual Dinner at The Oxford in Leederville
17/09/11Autotest Championship - Series 2 Final (Round 8)
14/09/11After Work Get Together Bridgestone Tyre Centre Bentley
09/09/11Donnelly River Weekend Away
04/09/11Monthly Cruise The Swingers Cruise
31/08/11Monthly Meeting and AGM
21/08/11Dawn BreakFast Dwellingup
17/08/11After Work Get Together Last Drop Brewery
14/08/11Autotest Championship - Series 2, Round 7
07/08/11Monthly Cruise UPDATE - Gidgegannup
27/07/11Monthly Meeting at NEW VENUE
24/07/11Country Cruise The Five Valley Dash
13/07/11After Work Dyno
03/07/11Monthly Cruise West Coast Motor Museum
29/06/11Monthly Meeting VENUE CHANGE
15/06/11Wood Fired Pizza
12/06/11Autotest Championship - Series 2, Round 6
06/06/11Sprint Series 1 - Final (Round 5)
05/06/11Monthly Cruise Observation Rally
25/05/11Monthly Meeting
22/05/11Autotest Championship - Series 2, Round 5
11/05/11After Work Get Together Wheels World
01/05/11Monthly Cruise Moondyne Festival
27/04/11Monthly Meeting
22/04/11M-Eggs-5 Good Friday Breakfast
13/04/11New Members Night Jimmy Deans, Midland
10/04/11MX-5 Club Driving Training Accident Avoidance School
03/04/11Monthly Cruise Northam Flying Fifty
30/03/11Monthly Meeting
20/03/11Whiteman Park Classic Car Show
16/03/11Fish n Chips Run
13/03/11Autotest Championship - Series 2, Round 4
07/03/11Labour Day Sprint - Series 1, Round 4
06/03/11Monthly Cruise Dardanup Heritage Park
23/02/11Monthly Meeting
16/02/11After Work Burger Run - Missy Moos
06/02/11Monthly Cruise To the Beach
19/01/11Monthly Meeting
12/01/11After Work BBQ Point Walter
02/01/11Monthly Cruise Whiteman Park
19/12/10Round 3 Autotest Series 2
15/12/10After Work Wok ‘n’ Roll
05/12/10Monthly Cruise Inaugural VP Sortie
28/11/10Festival of Speed
24/11/10Monthly Meeting
19/11/10Weekend Down South
17/11/10After Work The Parky
07/11/1020th Club Anniversary Cruise
31/10/10Round 2 Autotest Series 2
27/10/10Monthly Meeting
23/10/1020th Anniversary Dinner
13/10/10After Work Get Together Rhein Donau Klub
03/10/10Monthly Cruise
York Motor Museum
01/10/10Kulin Bush Races
29/09/10Monthly Meeting
27/09/10Round 3 MX-5 Sprint
15/09/10After Work Get Together - Last Drop Pub & Brewery
05/09/10Monthly Cruise 3 Dams and a Weir
29/08/10Round 1 Autotest Series 2
25/08/10Monthly Meeting AGM
11/08/10After Work Get Together
01/08/10Monthly Cruise
28/07/10Monthly Meeting
25/07/10Timed Autotest
14/07/10After Work Get Together
04/07/10Monthly Cruise Bailup Farm
30/06/10Monthly Meeting
16/06/10After Work Get Together Slot cars
07/06/10Round 2 MX-5 Sprint
06/06/10Monthly Cruise Observation Rally
30/05/10Accident Avoidance School
26/05/10Monthly Meeting
16/05/10Final MX-5 Autotest Championship
12/05/10After Work Get Together
Fish 'n' Chips Run
02/05/10Monthly Cruise
Treasure Hunt
28/04/10Monthly Meeting
25/04/10Round 7 MX-5 Autotest Championship
21/04/10New Members Night
11/04/10Monthly Cruise
ladies day
02/04/10Round 1 MX-5 Sprint
31/03/10Monthly Meeting
28/03/10Round 6 MX-5 Autotest Championship
21/03/10Whiteman Park Classic Car Show
17/03/10After Work Get Together
Drive In Movies
07/03/10Monthly Cruise
Nuptials revisited
24/02/10Monthly Meeting Special General Meeting
21/02/10Round 5 MX-5 Autotest Championship
17/02/10After Work Get Together
Burger Run
13/02/10Sprint Track Practice
07/02/10Monthly Cruise
27/01/10Monthly Meeting
24/01/10Round 4 MX-5 Autotest Championship
13/01/10Chidley Beach
Twilight Picnic
03/01/10Monthly Cruise
20/12/09Round 3 MX-5 Autotest Championship
06/12/09Monthly Cruise Santa Clause
25/11/09Monthly Meeting
22/11/09Round 2 MX-5 Autotest Championship
11/11/09After Work Get Together Twilight Picnic
01/11/0920 Anniversary
28/10/09Monthly Meeting
14/10/09After Work Get Together Sushi
04/10/09Monthly Cruise
30/09/09Monthly Meeting
28/09/09Inaugural round MX-5 Autotest Championship
06/09/09Mad Hatters Tea Party
26/08/09Monthly Meeting & AGM
16/08/09Show 'n' Shine
12/08/09After Work Get Together Fish ‘n’ Chips Run
02/08/09Monthly Cruise
29/07/09Monthly Meeting
08/07/09After Work Get Together LF Performance
05/07/09Monthly Cruise
24/06/09Monthly Meeting
10/06/09After Work Get Together Visit to UWA Motorsport
07/06/09Observation rally
27/05/09Monthly Meeting
13/05/09Budget Burger Run 5
03/05/09Monthly Cruise Two Valley Run
29/04/09Monthly Meeting
18/04/09Dowerin 18-19th
10/04/09Good Friday Breakfast
05/04/09Monthly Cruise & Archery
25/03/09Monthly Meeting
22/03/09Driver training & Funkhana
15/03/09Classic Car Show
11/03/09New Members Night
01/03/09Monthly Cruise
25/02/09Monthly Meeting
11/02/09Take Away - South Perth
01/02/09Monthly Cruise
27/01/09Monthly Meeting
14/01/09Twilight picnic
04/01/09Monthly Cruise
17/12/08Xmas Lights Cruise
07/12/08Monthly Cruise
25/11/08Monthly Meeting
21/11/08Weekend Down South
12/11/08Fish n Chip Run
04/11/08AHG Tuning Afternoon
02/11/08Monthly Cruise
28/10/08Monthly Meeting
15/10/08Navigation School
05/10/08Monthly Cruise
30/09/08Monthly Meeting
20/09/08Annual Dinner
10/09/08After-work Get Together
07/09/08Monthly Cruise
13/08/08After-work Get Together
03/08/08Monthly Cruise
29/07/08Monthly Meeting
23/07/08Slot Car Night
09/07/08After-work Get Together
06/07/08Monthly Cruise
24/06/08Monthly Meeting
17/06/08Daves Budget Burger Run 4
11/06/08After-work Get Together
01/06/08Monthly Cruise
27/05/08Monthly Meeting
14/05/08After-work Get Together
10/05/08Tractor Pull
04/05/08Monthly Cruise
29/04/08Monthly Meeting
26/04/08Driver Training
19/04/08Drive-In Movie Night
09/04/08After-work Get Together
06/04/08Treasure Hunt
25/03/08Monthly Meeting
21/03/08Good Friday Breakfast
16/03/08Whiteman Park Car Show
12/03/08After-work Get Together
02/03/08Monthly Cruise
26/02/08Monthly Meeting
16/02/08New Members Night
13/02/08Monthly Get Together
09/02/08CANCELLED - Big Als
03/02/08Monthly Cruise
29/01/08Monthly Meeting
23/01/08Twilight picnic
09/01/08Monthly Get Together
06/01/08Monthly Cruise
15/12/07Christmas Picnic
12/12/07Monthly Get Together
02/12/07Monthly Cruise
27/11/07Monthly Meeting
20/11/07Daves Budget Burger Run 3
14/11/07Monthly Get Together
04/11/07Monthly Cruise
30/10/07Monthly Meeting
20/10/07Observation Rally
14/10/07Charity Cruise
10/10/07Monthly Get Together
07/10/07Monthly Cruise
25/09/07Monthly Meeting
12/09/07New Monthly Get Together
02/09/07Monthly Cruise
17/08/07Anniversary Dinner
08/08/07Last Wheelspin Meeting
05/08/07Monthly Cruise
03/08/07Kim Cole Visit
31/07/07Monthly Meeting
11/07/07Monthly Get Together
01/07/07Monthly Cruise
26/06/07Monthly Meeting
13/06/07Wolf EMS Tech Talk
03/06/07Monthly Cruise
29/05/07Monthly Meeting
09/05/07Monthly Get Together
06/05/07Monthly Cruise
24/04/07Monthly Meeting
20/04/07Perth Motor Show
11/04/07Monthly Get Together
01/04/07Monthly Cruise
27/03/07Monthly Meeting
18/03/07Whiteman Park Car Show
14/03/07Monthly Get Together
04/03/07Monthly Cruise
27/02/07Monthly Meeting
14/02/07Monthly Get Together
13/02/07Budget Burger Run
04/02/07Monthly Cruise
30/01/07Monthly Meeting
10/01/07Monthly Get Together
07/01/07Monthly Cruise
16/12/06Xmas Treasure Hunt
13/12/06Monthly Get Together
03/12/06Monthly Cruise
28/11/06Monthly Meeting
25/11/06Driver Education
19/11/06Charity Cruise 4 Kids
08/11/06Monthly Get Together
05/11/06Monthly Cruise
31/10/06Monthly Meeting
11/10/06Monthly Get Together
01/10/06Monthly Cruise
26/09/06Monthly Meeting
13/09/06Monthly Get Together
09/09/06Anniversary Dinner
03/09/06Monthly Cruise
29/08/06AGM & Monthly Meeting
27/08/06Bowling Morning & Coffee
09/08/06Monthly Get Together
06/08/06Monthly Cruise
05/08/06Autokhana School at AHG
02/08/06UWA Motorsport
25/07/06Monthly Meeting
18/07/06Movie Night - CARS
12/07/06Monthly Get Together
02/07/06Monthly Cruise
29/06/06David Jones Fish n Chips
27/06/06Monthly Meeting
24/06/06Dyno Day
20/06/06Cheap Pasta Night
14/06/06Monthly Get Together
04/06/06Monthly Cruise
30/05/06Monthly Meeting
23/05/06ACT Visitors Cruise
20/05/06New Members’ Night
10/05/06Monthly Get Together
07/05/06Monthly Cruise
25/04/06Monthly Meeting
21/04/06Perth Motor Show
14/04/06Easter Breakfast
12/04/06Monthly Get Together
02/04/06Monthly Cruise
28/03/06Monthly Meeting
26/03/06Golf Day
19/03/06Classic Car Show
15/03/06Cruise & Budget Meal
08/03/06Monthly Get Together
05/03/06Monthly Cruise
28/02/06Monthly Meeting
25/02/06Weekend Down South
11/02/06Driver Training & Education
08/02/06Monthly Get Together
05/02/06Monthly Cruise
31/01/06Monthly Meeting
25/01/06Drag Day - Motorplex
20/01/06Afterwork Fish N Chips
11/01/06Monthly Get Together
08/01/06Monthly Cruise
10/12/05X-Mas Twilight Barbeque
04/12/05Monthly Cruise
29/11/05Monthly Meeting
13/11/05MC Motorsport
09/11/05Monthly Get Together
06/11/05Monthly Cruise
30/10/05Club's 15th Anniversary
25/10/05Special Monthly Meeting
18/10/05Popularly-Priced Pasta
12/10/05Monthly Get Together
02/10/05Masters Cruise
27/09/05Monthly Meeting
25/09/05Sprint School
23/09/05Friday Cruise & Freo Dinner
17/09/05Saturday Wild Flowers
14/09/05Monthly Get Together
04/09/05Monthly Cruise
30/08/05Monthly Meeting
21/08/05clubMINI cruise
20/08/05Go Carting POSTPONED
14/08/05MC Motorsport
13/08/05Annual Dinner
10/08/05Monthly Get Together
07/08/05Monthly Cruise
26/07/05Monthly Meeting
13/07/05Monthly Get Together
03/07/05Monthly Cruise
28/06/05Monthly Meeting
12/06/05MC Finals
11/06/05Hotham Railway
08/06/05Monthly Get Together
05/06/05Monthly Cruise
31/05/05Monthly Meeting
29/05/05Golf Day
17/05/05Budget Burger Run
11/05/05Monthly Get Together
01/05/05Observation Rally
26/04/05Monthly Meeting
22/04/05Perth Motor Show
13/04/05Monthly Get Together
03/04/05Monthly Cruise
02/04/05Autokhana School
29/03/05Monthly Meeting
26/03/05Cunderdin Air Show
20/03/05Classic Car Show
09/03/05Monthly Get Together
06/03/05Monthly Cruise
25/02/05Karaoke Night
22/02/05Monthly Meeting
13/02/05MC Autokhana
09/02/05Monthly Get Together
06/02/05Monthly Cruise
02/01/05Monthly Cruise
18/12/04Christmas Dinner
05/12/04Monthly Cruise
27/11/04Driver Training Day
21/11/04MC Autokhana
21/11/04The M & M run
07/11/04Monthly Cruise
29/10/04Weekend Down South
03/10/04Monthly Cruise
26/09/04MX-5 Sports Day
05/09/04Monthly Cruise
22/08/04York Flying 50
11/08/04Indian At The Port
01/08/04Monthly Cruise
27/07/04Monthly Meeting
17/07/04Anniversary Dinner
05/07/04Dinner With Keith Greenlees
04/07/04Monthly Cruise & 10 Pin Bowling
29/06/04Monthly Meeting
20/06/04BBQ Breakfast
19/06/04MC Autokhana
06/06/04Monthly Cruise
02/05/04Monthly Cruise
27/04/04Monthly Meeting
24/04/04Perth Motor Show
11/04/04MC Autokhana
09/04/04Easter Breakfast
08/04/04Natmeet 2004
04/04/04Monthly Cruise
30/03/04Monthly Meeting
28/03/04New Members Night
21/03/04Classic Car Show
07/03/04Monthly Cruise
24/02/04Monthly Meeting
01/02/04Monthly Cruise
27/01/04Monthly Meeting
18/01/04Driver Training Day
04/01/04Monthly Cruise
31/12/03Happy New Year
28/12/03Navigation School
14/12/03Breakfast Claisebrook Cove
07/12/03Monthly Cruise
05/12/03Christmas Dinner
30/11/03Variety Club Drive
25/11/03Monthly Meeting
23/11/03MC Finals
02/11/03Monthly Cruise
28/10/03Monthly Meeting
26/10/03MC Autokhana
19/10/03York Flying Fifty
11/10/03Charity Event Variety
05/10/03Monthly Cruise
30/09/03Monthly Meeting
28/09/03Observation Rally
21/09/03MC Autokhana
16/09/03Drive & Coffee
07/09/03Monthly Cruise
26/08/03AGM & Monthly Meeting
23/08/03York Overnight Stay
03/08/03MC Autokhana
03/08/03Monthly Cruise
01/08/03Anniversary Dinner
30/07/03RX-8 Launch
29/07/03Monthly Meeting
20/07/0310 Pin Bowling
06/07/03MC Autokhana
06/07/03Monthly Cruise
05/07/03Monthly Cruise
24/06/03Meeting at Wheelsworld
22/06/03Dwellingup & Lunch
14/06/03Visit AEC Bullet Roadster
09/06/03Dinner La Cascades
01/06/03Monthly Cruise
27/05/03Monthly Meeting
20/05/03Dinner in South Freo
11/05/03Clackline For Archery
04/05/03Monthly Cruise
29/04/03Monthly Meeting
25/04/03Auto Expo
18/04/03Easter Breakfast
06/04/03Monthly Cruise
29/03/03Weekend Down South
25/03/03Monthly Meeting
23/03/03Around The Houses
16/03/03Classic Car Show
02/03/03Monthly Cruise
25/02/03Monthly Meeting
23/02/03All MX5 Day
08/02/03Drive Training
02/02/03Monthly Cruise
28/01/03Monthly Meeting
23/01/03Picnic at The Coombe
10/01/03Beach Walk at Port Beach
05/01/03Sunday Drive